How We Do It

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How We Do It

How We Do It

At Designing Digitally, Inc. we pride ourselves on providing exceptional E-Learning design development customer service. Our design firm aims to help you reach your professional goals. Every client that comes to us has his or her own set of requirements, needs, unique challenges, and visions that have to be taken into consideration on every project. However, each project shares basic milestones and considerations when coming up with a design solution. To ensure consistency, strong development, and the ability to target the correct audience, our firm follows a methodology that involves the client, designers, and our administration throughout every step of the project.

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  • Discover
    Before we begin with any of our E-Learning design and development projects, we think it’s necessary to do some discovery work to obtain a clear understanding of your business and the goals you wish to achieve. From there our interactive design studio identifies the design challenge, and attempt to personalize the solution to best fit the organizational initiatives. We’ll discuss your requirements for the project and identify exactly how our services will target your audience and what information needs to be communicated to them. Our major goal in this stage is to have a solid understanding of your vision and expectations for the project on all levels and from there personalize our design to enhance your organization.

  • Design
    Before developing out the functionality of your project, we want to be sure that that the look and feel is sending the right message to your end users. In this phase, we will provide wireframes, or visual representations of what your development will look like. Here the layout of key features will be indicated. Once approved, talented E-Learning designers will create concept designs for your project. Once you have given us the approval to proceed with your concept design, we will utilize this design to move to the next phase.

  • Develop
    Once we have a concept and have designed the layout we are ready to implement the content. This is the stage where Designing Digitally, Inc. develops any of the necessary assets needed to create your concept. This phase is also where the piece will become functional, objects and content strategically placed and where the final modifications will take place. 

  • Deliver
    Once we have provided internal Quality Assurance (QA) on your project, and we have finalized all details it is time for you to approve the project. Once you have signed off on the final project we will then transfer the project to the agreed upon place (dependent upon the scope of work and terms of agreement). If necessary, we may conduct training or instruction on how to maintain various areas of the development.

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